Expanding Medicaid

It’s a sad fact: 700,000 Tennesseans have no healthcare coverage, and 2.5 million of our neighbors don’t have access to sufficient medical care. 

We have rural hospitals closing

The first services to go at a struggling hospital are maternity services, resulting in too many EMTs having to learn how to deliver babies. This is dangerous for parent and child alike.

Having the political will for Medicaid expansion prevents declining health outcomes and avoids more costly alternatives such as sick people using emergency rooms rather than family physicians. Some rural Tennesseans are now up to an hour’s drive away from a hospital.

It’s time for this state to step up and do the right thing. Healthcare is a RIGHT, not a luxury. 

Tennesseans, right now, are sending tax dollars to Washington that we could claim to pay for this expansion. The money is already there, and we’re giving it up every day that our state legislature neglects to expand Medicaid.


Health Care At Home With Sick And Scared Female Child