Meet Brandon Thomas

Brandon Thomas was born and raised in Rutherford County. He is a graduate of Smyrna High School and Middle Tennessee State University. 

Brandon Thomas is running to represent State House District 49 because he wants to ensure that the needs of everyday Tennesseans are no longer placed on the back burner.  

Brandon is fighting to create a family-friendly economy that works for everyone. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Brandon has a history of fighting for working-class people. From his time in customer service to his student advocacy work to his position as LGBTQ Non-Discrimination Coordinator for the Tennessee Equality Project, Brandon has been building consensus while speaking truth to power for over a decade. 

Brandon believes we need to fully fund our public schools and ensure that teachers get the pay raise that they deserve.

Working families in Tennessee need a workers’ bill of rights, guaranteeing all Tennesseans access to paid family leave, a thriving wage, and a proper work/life balance.

Brandon wants to bring compassion back to the statehouse, so he’s ready to fight for the access to healthcare and equal treatment under the law that every Tennessean deserves. 

Brandon lives with his husband Michael and their 2-year-old son, Ezra.